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The Devil is in the Details

Process engineers demonstrate value through actual use cases


Our mission at Precognize is to help our customers avert unforeseen problems before they happen. Many times, we detect issues that seem small, insignificant, and even part of the plant’s normal operation. However, the beauty of SAM GUARD is its ability to identify things that are abnormal within the clutter of anomalies that every plant has. In this webinar, Precognize’s process engineers will walk us through fascinating use cases that could have been overlooked if that plant had not been using this sophisticated solution.


Join us for this webinar and learn from real use cases the value SAM GUARD brings to our customers by predicting unforeseen issues and giving them the information they need to prevent them from occurring.



Dr. Vahid Krupic, Director Global Sales & Business Development, SAM GUARD

Vladimir Brailov, Process Specialist, Precognize

Maya Rubin, Process Specialist, Precognize


Have more questions? Join our Q&A session at the end. 


                                                Date: Wednesday, Jul 8th, 2020                                       



Join our upcoming webinar and benefit from these crucial takeaways. You will learn:


  • The value of a predictive analytics solution

  • Case studies of the benefits other process industry plants have gained

  • Examples of small issues that could bring significant ROI when taken care of promptly, even though they seem unimportant at the time

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