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Asset Management – How to identify critical assets and maintenance requirements based on existing data

About this presentation
Identifying critical assets (e.g. control valves) in a process plant is not an easy task. Digital solutions can be very helpful for a plant operator to gain deeper insights into the condition of process relevant assets. The good thing about the process industry – mostly there is already a lot of data that can be used. Leveraging the process data from the historian and/or using the diagnostics data from assets can be one way to improve the data basis for efficient maintenance works and prevention from critical issues. This also leads to a positive impact on the plant uptime and productivity. But, using new digital solutions and gaining the full value from them also require a cultural change of an organization and a new way of working. A good approach for a successful implementation is to build up a team of dedicated process engineers that monitor the solution in an efficient way. Another good thing – this can scale over an organization as it can be done remotely or even from a third party service provider.

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Matthias Gast // Sales Manager, Digital Solutions – SAMSON AG

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Time & Location:
Presentation: Wednesday, 15th September: 12.40 to 13.00, Stage 4
15th & 16th September, 2021
NEC, Birmingham, UK