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Israeli Carnival

March 10, 2020

While the Coronavirus is taking over the global agenda and attention, we decided to stay optimistic and take a couple of hours off to celebrate Purim, the Israeli / Jewish carnival. Some games, excellent crepe, a couple of drinks and tons of laughter. Cheers!

SAM GUARD Sales Training in Germany

February 09, 2020

Finished our very first sales workshop tour 2020 through whole Germany. It was a great success. One week 5 stations in Krefeld, Frankfurt, Nürnberg, Hamburg and Berlin. Over 75 attendees - With all SAMSON Germany sales offices, Switzerland and daughter companies like Pfeiffer, Leusch, SED, Cera and Vetec.

Israel Industry4.0 Week

February 24, 2020

II4 - Israel Industry4.0 Week. It was great to see how the innovation in the industry has evolved, and even more so, its growth in Israel. Precognize was very active in the event and participated during the week in B2B meetings, workshops and had an impressive presence at the conference. In the pictures: our lovely booth, with our CEO, CMO, Director of Sales and a process specialist presence to cover all bases; Dr. Andreas Widl, CEO of Samson, participated in a panel and was supportive as always; Dror Bomsztayn pitching our solution to an interested audience, Vladimir Brailov shared with the audience a success story with ICL, a customer; Vladimir participated also in Siemens booth, demonstrating our cooperation on their platform, MindShpere. 


December 02, 2019

SAM GUARD sales training is on! What a great first day - salespersons from all over the globe, Canada, US, UK, Russia, Poland, France, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Turkey, Germany, India and a few more attending from afar. What a great pleasure to have you over!

SAM GUARD Team in Chicago

November 19, 2019

Dror and Vahid from the SAM GUARD team joined the Samson's booth at Rockwell Automation Fair in Chicago. We are excited toward the new opportunities in the US market!

SAM GUARD @ PCS, Hungary

November 06, 2019

The Samson local team, joined by Dr. Vahid Krupic who also presented SAM GUARD to the audience, at a PCS, Hungary.

Global and Local SAM GUARD Team at ERTC

November 06, 2019

SAM GUARD at ERTC, Warsaw. Dr. Vahid Krupic talked about how to apply lessons learned in the process industry to refineries. At the booth you could have met Vahid and Dror from SAM GUARD Global Sales team and Bartosz from the Polish Sales team, combining forces to best serve the audience of ERTC.

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