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Precognize is a software start-up company that has been acquired by the valve engineering specialist SAMSON. Precognize set out on its path with the vision of zero unplanned plant downtime. Raanan and Chen, the two co-founders, decided to convert this vision into reality.

Precognize predicts and recognizes failures. Its software relies on the amount of data the sensors collect in any case but takes these data forward. It turns the human knowledge of the plant into a mathematical graph and uses it together with machine learning to trigger only a few true, early and meaningful alerts. Precognize detects everything and pinpoints the exact part of the machine that is going to fail yet creates no noise.

The combination of Precognize’s unique and innovative technology with SAMSON’s hundred and more years of expertise and global presence will expedite the journey of turning the vision into reality.

Predict, Recognize and Act!

In-short, Precognize!



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