Enter a World of Zero Unplanned Downtime

Chemical Industry.

Electricity Generation.

Oil and Gas.


I am not working under an emergency mode anymore. Precog provides me with early alerts that require me to think and plan. It saves me the midnight calls when something crashes, the need to expedite expensive shipments of parts and the heavy inventory budget. Most importantly, Precog allows our plant to give better, reliable service to our customers. We always know what is going to hit us, and we can plan for it. This is all we need.

At this point I have a clear understanding of the problem ahead of us. Now we can plan our response. We may change parameters, use redundant equipment, order parts, or continue to follow-up.

9:00 AM Response plan

8:30 AM

 Review with the operators

Precog is specifying the areas in the system where problems are starting to develop in a level of details that enables me to discuss it with the operators and do physical inspection 

First thing in the morning, I am opening Precog dashboard and review the latest events

8:00 AM Alerts review

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