• The meter measuring the level of polymer plastic in the tank showed that tank level was rising steadily

Measurement Tags Alerted

  • Tank level meter
  • Pressure

How SAM GUARD Helped

  • SAM GUARD sent an alert that the level of the product in the tank suddenly began rising steadily, although the pressure level remained the same
  • An employee checked the tank and found that the level meter inside the tank was coated with plastic, causing it to send a faulty reading
  • The process engineer decided to fix the sensor during the next shutdown. In the meantime, someone manually checks the tank level every hour


  • There is no alert set for if the material in the tank passes a certain level. Since the level meter is faulty, the engineer would not know if the tank level was too high or at risk of overflowing.
  • If the tank overflows, it would cause a lot of damage and loss of product
  • If the engineer discovers the tank is at maximum level when it is already at 100%, it would require an emergency response.
tank plastics use case