• Plant has non-repeating failures that occur in a different location each time.
  • Need to increase visibility within the plant. Failures occur in overlooked and ignored parts of plant.

How SAM GUARD Helped

  • SAM GUARD created a warning about abnormal behavior prior to the part failure.
  • After inspection, a gas leakage was found in the plumbing equipment. Measures were taken to replace all plumbing equipment.
  • The redundant transmitter did not appear in the PI Book diagrams, nor in the TDC or on site!
  • The transmitter that regulates the pumping pressure of the compressor was replaced with a new one.


  • SAM GUARD’s alerts prevented the failure of the system compressor that controls  the air pressure of the valves of the entire plant. Had the compressor failed, the entire plant would have shut down.
  • According to this customer, SAM GUARD substantially increased the durability of the plant.
  • $734K of damage prevented
    (1-day shutdown = 240k tons of ethylene per year / 350 days of production x $1070 per ton)