• A valve was not closing properly, which led to a lack of control over the material’s flow

Measurement Tags Alerted

  • Valve opening position
  • Slave valve
  • Set point

How SAM GUARD Helped

  • Sent an alert indicating strange behavior of valve EFC2702
  • The opening position of the slave valve started fluctuating up to 100% while the master set point was absolutely stable.


  • Upon first inspection it was found that the valve was not closing under 8%
  • After calibration it was discovered that the valve was not sealing, so it was replaced and underwent an overall mechanical review
  • Deeper inspection found significant wear and tear on the plug, which clearly needed to be replaced.
  • Regaining control over the flow of material prevented waste of unnecessary material and helped safeguard the quality of the end products.
valve failure petrochemical plant use case
valve failure petrochemical plant plot use case