• Failure in the reactor’s jacket pump, which circulates the flow inside the jacket
  • Without the jacket pump working properly, the temperature of the jacket rose slightly
  • This can cause more by-products within the reactor, reducing the quality and possibly the quantity of the product, and extending the time needed to produce the end product

Measurement Tags Alerted

  • Current to the reactor dropped
  • Jacket temperature rose

How SAM GUARD Helped

  • SAM GUARD sent an alert due to the current to the jacket pump falling to zero during one of the reactor steps.
  • The crew on duty simply restarted the pump, but in reality the pump needed to be fixed, which the SAM GUARD alert highlighted.


  • The plant was able to keep producing high quality finished product in the maximum quantity
  • The plant saved time that would have been wasted on a longer production process
  • The process engineers saw that the operators did not follow protocols by reporting this change in the reactor. Without SAM GUARD, the problem would have gone unidentified for much longer.
  • The plant retrained its operators to make sure they know what to do in these situations.
jacket pump chemical plant use case