• One of the plant’s raw mill dynamic separators had a broken tooth, but no one knew about it (see images).
  • SAM GUARD reported several issues related to the dynamic separator which were unclear to the team (see alerts list, left).
  • Eventually, due to leakage ring maintenance, it was physically opened, and the broken tooth was identified.

How SAM GUARD Helped

  • SAM GUARD gave pinpointed alerts directing maintenance staff to the exact piece of equipment. Since the source of the problem was not visible, it is categorized as “run to fail” equipment.
  • Had the problem been ignored, in a matter of days, the motor would have broken and production would have stopped for one to three days.


  • The overlooked broken tooth was replaced. Significant damage to the raw mill dynamic separator was prevented.
  • By fixing a small problem ahead of time, a greater problem was eliminated that would have caused shutdown and lost production.
  • €10 – 30K of damage prevented = 1-day production loss of this mill
raw mill seperator cement use case SAM GUARD