• The plant was experiencing blockages.
  • Faulty product temperature reading may have caused material to leave the oven while still wet, which in turn would cause blockage.

How SAM GUARD® Helped

  • SAM GUARD®  detected a change in the behavior of the product’s temperature at the oven’s outlet (Tag P64TIXXXX), which also changed the correlation between oven air outlet temperature (P64TIXXXX) and product temperature, triggering an issue creation in the system.
  • The plant’s engineers analyzed the alerts and told maintenance exactly which sensor they should replace.
  • Replacing the temperature sensor caused tag P64TIXXXX return to baseline.


  • Blockages in the oven yield a damaged product and are a challenge to the operation. Considerable damage is caused by the time it takes to clean the oven, during which time it’s not in use to produce more materials.
  • Wet product leads to additional waste.
  • Alerts given ahead of time allow operation to prevent blockages and receive a dry and improved material.
temperature sensor chemical plant use case